for a limited time

buy a gallium, gallium pro or gallium pro disc

And Get 3 free maintenance passes*!

*See Terms and Conditions


ask your argon 18 retailer about this offer



Hope you don't mind if we come along for the ride.

At Argon 18, we go beyond manufacturing and selling bikes.

We work hard to build a community of like-minded cyclists that do everything they can to break away from the ordinary.


By giving you these vouchers, it's our way of helping you keep your Argon 18 bike and your cycling experience in perfect running order.


Gervais Rioux

Argon 18 President and Founder


Terms and Conditions


"Ride like a pro/It's on us"


Promo Description:

Receive 3 FREE MAINTENANCE PASSES with the purchase of a new Gallium, Gallium Pro or Gallium Pro Disc (“the Gallium family”), between March 15th and June 30th 2018.


Promo Details: 

  • Each voucher has a $50* value
  • A voucher can be applied on parts or labor purchased over the next 3 years
  • A maximum of one (1) voucher can be used per year
    • Voucher #1 = Valid from March 15th, 2018, to June 30th, 2019
    • Voucher #2 = Valid from March 15th, 2019, to June 30th, 2020
    • Voucher #3 = Valid from March 15th, 2020, to June 30th, 2021


*USA: $50, Canada: 50$, Europe: ‎€50England: £35Denmark: 300 kr.


How to activate your voucher:

Step 1. With the purchase of a new bike from the Gallium Family, your dealer will write down your bike’s serial number on your three (3) Argon 18 vouchers.

Step 2. Then, you must register your bike onto the Argon 18 website (

Step 3. You can now start using your vouchers!



  • The vouchers can’t be monetized nor transferred.
  • The vouchers can’t be accumulated nor added to any warranty program.
  • A voucher can only be used on $50+ invoices at a participating Argon 18 retailer
  • Argon 18 is not liable for any damage incurred following maintenance or reparation, on parts or labor, paid by using this promotion.
  • Argon 18 can end the promotion at any time, without notice.